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Started my excercise plan

Two days ago, I set out to the local gym at the civic center in Maryland Heights to "check it out" about 6:30p or so, just after they had closed for the day of course. I haven't been to a gym in years -so how how would I know if that was odd or not. I assumed they close early and thought nothing of it. I really wanted to weigh myself though, just to get an idea of where I am.

Well, I drove on into the evening and decided to take a longer route home -passing by the nearby high school where you could see the track field from afar. The gate was open, so I continued in and parked near the stadium style track field. I lazily walked up the few steps into the track field and gazed at the bright halogen lamps that lit up the field.

Inviting. That's what I thought of it as I broke into a jog to start my 2 laps of the evening.
Halfway around the first lap my heart was pounding. I emptied my mind of all thoughts and listened to the rhythmic pounding and heavy breathing. I missed this. What now filled my mind was the memory of my high school sports days -the seven-a-side rugby, the 3000m steeple chase. I used to be quite active.

100 yards to the finish line I slowed to a walk and reality settled back in. I would have to make this a regular part of my activities to get back in shape. I'm going to work hard to make this happen. My goal is a few inches off my waistline for a start. Then refine my plan as I go along. There's a chance this will work.

Civic Duty

Driving down the street earlier this afternoon, I witnessed a near head-on collision. A white mid-sized sedan on my left ran a red light into the path of a dark colored sedan making a left turn onto the freeway. The driver of the white sedan immediately got out of the car and darted a few steps away from the scene -to the casual observer one would have imagined the car would burst into flames given the haste in which he made his maneuvers.

What immediately caught my attention was the leaking antifreeze from the white sedan. I figured there wasn't enough antifreeze in a car that size to warrant a hazardous material cleanup crew.

Anyhow, I wished I had remembered to carry my Canon Powershot SD770IS digital Elph. -Not exactly a picturesque moment, but nonetheless more evidence than words could tell. I pulled out my Samsung SCH-i760 Verizon phone and dialed 911. It rang for at least 30 seconds. I hang up as the operator answered. I re-dialed and told my story. -Help was already on the way.

I activated my four-way blinking lights to secure the scene, left the comfort of my car and approached the scene on foot. I inquired into the status of the occupants. No one seemed terribly hurt -save for the driver of the white sedan. She was in obvious shock, holding her neck, crying, and unbelievably she was talking on her cell phone. She was certainly not available to answer questions at the moment.

The first officer on the scene arrived within 2 minutes and immediately assumed command of the area. She interviewed me as a witness, took notes and jotted down my name and address. My work here was done. I left shortly after to continue my errands -I still had to pass by the fish market to buy some cat fish for dinner.

Closer to God

Moving closer to God for me means a lot more than just getting to know Him. It means living what I pray for every day and being more of a leader in my family by living as an example. For the longest time, I have admired the strength and faith portrayed by my wife Florence. I take pride in the way she has been an active participant in introducing and guiding our children to grow up knowing that there exists a higher spiritual Power that we can call on anytime. Perhaps part of our marriage strength has been the blessings we have received over time. We both come from very strong religious up-bringing.

-Eddie Gichuhi, Jan. 2009

QuickBooks Business Planner Printing Fix

Because quickbooks now uses the QuickBooks PDF Creator the Intuit Internal Printer is not installed.
Unfortunately the code for Add-In programs were not rewritten to use this new printer.

The solution discussed in this article addresses the problem shown in the following graphic:
Printer Error

Install a copy of the Amyuni 2.07 PDF converter.

  1. Download the File "amyuni PDF" from the following location. pdf
  2. Select to save the file to your computer. I suggest saving it to the Desktop so it can be found.
  3. Once the file has completed downloading Double Click on the file "amyuni PDF"
  4. You will need to Unpack/Extract the file. Select the C:\ drive as the location to Extract to.
  5. Walk thru installing a printer
    1. Make it a Local Printer.
    2. Do NOT auto Detect the plug and play printer.
    3. use the port LPT1
    4. On the Printer Selection window Select Have Disk...
    5. In the install from disk window Select the Browse Button.
    6. Browse to the file\Location "C:\amyuni PDF 20\OEMsetup_20.inf" from Step 4 , Select that file and click Open.
    7. Click Ok on the install from disk screen.
    8. The printer PDF Compatible Printer Driver should now be listed in the add printer Wizard window click Next
    9. You will be prompted to name the printer.
      Use the following Name exactly:
      Intuit Internal Printer
    10. Do not Use the printer as the windows Default.
    11. There is no need to share this printer.
    12. Do not print a test Page.
    13. Click Finish,( If you receive an error saying the driver has not passed windows LOGO testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP, click Continue.)
  6. Check the Windows printers list to make sure that the Intuit Internal Printer is Listed