Started my excercise plan

Two days ago, I set out to the local gym at the civic center in Maryland Heights to "check it out" about 6:30p or so, just after they had closed for the day of course. I haven't been to a gym in years -so how how would I know if that was odd or not. I assumed they close early and thought nothing of it. I really wanted to weigh myself though, just to get an idea of where I am.

Well, I drove on into the evening and decided to take a longer route home -passing by the nearby high school where you could see the track field from afar. The gate was open, so I continued in and parked near the stadium style track field. I lazily walked up the few steps into the track field and gazed at the bright halogen lamps that lit up the field.

Inviting. That's what I thought of it as I broke into a jog to start my 2 laps of the evening.
Halfway around the first lap my heart was pounding. I emptied my mind of all thoughts and listened to the rhythmic pounding and heavy breathing. I missed this. What now filled my mind was the memory of my high school sports days -the seven-a-side rugby, the 3000m steeple chase. I used to be quite active.

100 yards to the finish line I slowed to a walk and reality settled back in. I would have to make this a regular part of my activities to get back in shape. I'm going to work hard to make this happen. My goal is a few inches off my waistline for a start. Then refine my plan as I go along. There's a chance this will work.