QuickBooks Business Planner Printing Fix

Because quickbooks now uses the QuickBooks PDF Creator the Intuit Internal Printer is not installed.
Unfortunately the code for Add-In programs were not rewritten to use this new printer.

The solution discussed in this article addresses the problem shown in the following graphic:
Printer Error

Install a copy of the Amyuni 2.07 PDF converter.

  1. Download the File "amyuni PDF 20.zip" from the following location.
    https://www.quickbase.com/up/99vtu7ey/g/rr/ei/va/amyuni pdf 20.zip
  2. Select to save the file to your computer. I suggest saving it to the Desktop so it can be found.
  3. Once the file has completed downloading Double Click on the file "amyuni PDF 20.zip"
  4. You will need to Unpack/Extract the file. Select the C:\ drive as the location to Extract to.
  5. Walk thru installing a printer
    1. Make it a Local Printer.
    2. Do NOT auto Detect the plug and play printer.
    3. use the port LPT1
    4. On the Printer Selection window Select Have Disk...
    5. In the install from disk window Select the Browse Button.
    6. Browse to the file\Location "C:\amyuni PDF 20\OEMsetup_20.inf" from Step 4 , Select that file and click Open.
    7. Click Ok on the install from disk screen.
    8. The printer PDF Compatible Printer Driver should now be listed in the add printer Wizard window click Next
    9. You will be prompted to name the printer.
      Use the following Name exactly:
      Intuit Internal Printer
    10. Do not Use the printer as the windows Default.
    11. There is no need to share this printer.
    12. Do not print a test Page.
    13. Click Finish,( If you receive an error saying the driver has not passed windows LOGO testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP, click Continue.)
  6. Check the Windows printers list to make sure that the Intuit Internal Printer is Listed