Valentines Day Memoirs

This morning, I woke up to the sound of a kid's show on the Noggins TV channel. I couldn't quite make out what the show was, -I didn't try. Then there was the sound of a spoon against a cereal bowl.

Undoubtedly, Ceke was engaging her morning cereal. I could tell from the enthusiasm and fervor that she had been awake for a while. There was an urgent need to catch up with the day. I went back to sleep.

10 minutes later my sub-conscious alarm went off as it went through my to-do list. I hazily performed a mental check list of must-do things on the list.

Top-most, I needed to prepare Ciku's breakfast and get her ready for my 10-O'clock appointment with my Financial Adviser. I figured I had beau coup time given that it was only 5 minutes away, if that. I forced myself out of bed and made it to the kitchen. Along the way I discovered -not surprisingly, that everyone else was awake and miles ahead into the day. Ciku jumped up to me, inspired by her instinctive knowledge that my first order of business should be to fix her breakfast. A tune and 3 minutes later, she was enjoying a large bowl of porridge.

Next, I cracked open my laptop to catch up on overnight email -as if anyone in my time zone was sending me email after I went to sleep at 3:00am. I should know by now that the only emails in the morning are from a timezone at least 5 hours ahead of mine. There were none today. There was however, a Valentine's day Love letter from my wife Florence. It went thus:

Dear Eddie,

Today is Valentine's day. Happy Valentine.

It has been twelve years since I met you.

What a day and what a season in life.

Throughout the years, you have continuously complemented me and helped me be my best, and for that I say thank you.

I love you more now for many reasons. One, for being you. you have taught me how to stay calm during storms of life. Sometimes I wonder how you handle issues but I truly admire your style.

I love you for the family that we have. When I look at our children, I see the imprints, now and then of your wisdom and your guidance. My prayer is that this will continue throughout their lives.

I love you because you are you. I would go on and on, or go get a card from the store. The point is I love you and have a wonderful Valentine's day.

Your Wife,